She can never be me

Quite the contrary... I hope she sets your soul on fire like I never could. I hope that she becomes the first person you think of before you fall asleep, and the last person you would want to see cry. I hope you make her feel worthy; return her texts, understand her thoughts, love her … Continue reading She can never be me


Ina ne burina

She stares, squints, searches It must be here somewhere, she muses It couldn't have simply disappeared Could it? She had found it- or at least a characterless, indistinguishable simulacrum version Near a place of regency She had had a grasp on it, had it encased between her long wiry fingers (she looks down at them … Continue reading Ina ne burina

Dilapidated thoughts about a cafe of some sort

I fell upon a Pinterest quote a few hours ago which said "Your true nature is luminous". Ha! Me? Luminous? I barely resemble a functioning adult. My true nature (whatever that means!) is not luminous. It's dark and guarded, formed out of the cesspool of degenerated thoughts haunting my every day-night. Sometimes it's just an … Continue reading Dilapidated thoughts about a cafe of some sort

The Reality Behind Being A Side Chick

Unless you're a time traveler from the nineteenth century you probably know what a side chick is. According to the ever so (NOT!) reliable urban dictionary a side chick is the millennial word for the 'other woman' or 'mistress':  a female that is neither a male's wife or girlfriend who has relations with the male … Continue reading The Reality Behind Being A Side Chick

Why I Always Fail My New Year’s Resolutions…

If you're anything like me you probably like to make resolutions around New Year's time. Why wouldn't you? It makes you feel like you have a sense of purpose. Like you're improving, ameliorating because god forbid you're like the rest who never want to change. But fact is when you are making these resolutions you … Continue reading Why I Always Fail My New Year’s Resolutions…